5/12/08: Papa, I promised!

Yesterday, I knew you was sad, deeply. But I can’t explain. Just a short justification for my friend, he didn’t do the things you’ve said. There are somthings when it’s cumulated to some level, it can’t be explained any more.

But I will show you what I can do. You didn’t know what I am doing, you guessed that you know. I still can find joyfulness in field I’ve chosen, and I still believe in my hope. Joyfulness can be found in anywhere, provided that it’s harmless.

I still know that I was wrong. Just go, that’s wrong.. But go, and s.t esle, not wrong. But, well, now it’s time to reduce it, by myself. It’s time to taste a different life, taste somethings that I haven’t been known. I have tasted a lot in my last wonderful summer, but it seems not enough for me and for you. For me to change more and for you to understand me. So it’s time to taste a different one, like … an apple with kiwi ‘s taste!

New year is comming. I know you just hope fresh things come to me. Papa, I promised!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mechanized nói:

    >.< i felt something strange =.= very strange

  2. I'mE: Cynno nói:

    Feeling Better for a better Tomorrow.

  3. :-*Uten nói:

    May you have enough happiness to make you sweet;enough trails to make you strong;enough hope to make you happy.I think you can…

  4. CV nói:

    cái hình làm t nhớ cuốn freakonomics :D

  5. Ms Sacarin nói:

    Believing in your hope… I’m trying, too

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